Job Responsibility

1. Target and performance management

- Manage business performance through target setup and monthly and quarterly projection

-Develop and manage action plans to achieve targets

- Plan contests and develop training plans to achieve targets

- Come up with various ideas and carry out initiatives to ahiceve targets and enhance production

- Prepare for new product launching and stablize performance

2. Headcount management

- Manage HC through turnover and retention

- Manage new TSRs by expanding new hires and recruiting channels, minimize TSR turnover during training

- Manage employee capacities through retention programs and management training

3. Business management and expansion

- Prevent risk and capture opportunities for business expansion by understanding market trends

- Retain the existing staff, recruit qualified talent and expand business through continuous performance improvement

- Share strategies

4. Precess review

- Review internal processes, improve operational efficiency through improvement

- Develop effective new processes

5. Expense management

- Manage expenses

6. Vendor management

- Coordinate closely with vendors, offer or request feedback to improve service quality

7. Management of amicable relationship with sponsors

8. Establishment of operation-related staff R&R and coordination to maximize operational effect



1.       Understanding of call center business

2.       Analysis and communication ability to influence business analysis or decision makings

3.       Presentation skills

4.       People management skills

5.       Min. 3-year experience in the call center industry or min. 3-year experience as a head
          of a team of more than 5 people

6.       Strong leadership skills that initiate change

7.       An associate pool of  TSRs and TLs is preferred

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